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Innovative Designs
July 04 2011
Innovative Designs

Along with ensuring Bigwin continues to offer our island residents the private and exclusive experience of island living, with the services and amenities of a resort, we are also working to develop new and innovative cottage designs and concepts.

One such design is a “Pod Concept” that allows the cottage to consist of two or three bedroom units that are positioned near the main living cottage and connected with walkways or breezeways.  This concept allows for family and guests to have privacy and separation from the main cottage…Yet be close enough in a compound arrangement to bring everyone together. 

The other major advantage of this design is that it is environmentally friendly, when it comes to impact on the landscape of the property.  The pods are much easier to position in a manner that reduces tree clearing and grading requirements.  “A delicate footprint”

The “Pod Concept” is a fresh idea in the changing world of Cottage Life, which also allows property owners much more flexibility when it comes to phasing in the ultimate build out of the cottage property.

Bigwin is leading the way back to what brought us to Muskoka in the 1st place.